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Happy Birthday, Madonna

Madonna Turns 50

Getting Into the Groove of 50

Madonna Louise Ciccone turns 50 years old today, August 16, 2008.

I went to see Madonna on her Like a Virgin tour in the 1980s. The Beastie Boys were the opening act. I remember being more shocked that she only performed for an hour and fifteen minutes than I was of her routines.

My girlfriends and I all rushed out and bought black rubber bracelets and tied lace ribbons in our hair. She’s had many style incarnations but I think I liked her original look the best.

Madonna is an inspiration to women like myself because she took charge of her own sexuality. She didn’t fall into the trap of early feminists who thought they had to be more like men. Madonna is feminine, pretty, sexy, shapely, healthy, assertive and intelligent. She does whatever she wants. That is true feminism.

Here are some pictures of her throughout the years.

Early MadonnaMadonna in Chains

Madonna Album CoverMadonna as Punk

Madonna Like a PrayerMadonna Nearly Nude

Madonna PrettyMadonna with Disco Ball

Madonna as EvitaMadonna and Child

Madonna See Through TopMadonna Playing Guitar

Happy Birthday, Madonna.

Read the Associated Press story on Yahoo.

Dressing Your Age – A Rant About Clothes

Madonna in satin shortsDressing your age in America is near impossible. When I go shopping for clothes, everything I find is geared toward youth, and not just youth, but Disney performance-oriented showbiz youth.

I don’t want to wear cropped jeans with bedazzles on them. I don’t want to wear spaghetti-strapped camisole tops without a bra. I don’t want to wear shorts that sit below my belly button and just under the cheek of my behind.

People over the age of 12 do not look good in this attire. If most people in the U.S. are overweight — actually, more like obese — who are these clothes for?

Madonna has been criticized lately for dressing age appropriate. I think she looks great. She is turning 50 years old this year and is in fantastic shape for a woman half her age. But that doesn’t mean she wants to walk around in a cone-shaped bra. She probably just wants to look pretty and feel comfortable. She knows how to separate her stage life and real life.

But apparantly, the department stores do not. I don’t want to dress like Miley Cyrus and I suspect she doesn’t want to dress like me.

Can we have a little more variety, please?

Just For Fun

Here’s a fun little quiz that determines what year you belong in.

What Year Do You Belong In?

You Belong in 1983
Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You’re colorful at night – and successful during the day.

I always knew I’d end up a child of the Eighties.

In what year do you belong?