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Cats Are Cool: This One Plays Piano

This is Nora the cat. She plays the piano. She’s cute, too.

Stanley Jordan Playing Stairway to Heaven

A friend introduced me to this amazing musician. He plays 2 guitars at the same time.

I hate when there are cool people in the world that I’ve never heard of.

Leonardo Da Vinci Was Really Cool

Da Vinci LastĀ Supper

Not only could he paint and invent stuff but he was a great self-promoter.

He invented PR. Hundreds of years later we’re still fascinated by the tiniest details of his works because he left clues behind. And he obviously had a great sense of humor.

An Italian computer technician claims to have found a 40-second musical composition hidden in Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper.

Click here to play the music.

Read the full story of Da Vinci’s hidden music at this BBC News link.

Da Vinci Last SupperĀ Music

Happy Halloween

Here’s a violin solo by Emilie Autumn.

Cute Video

I like this song by Bats for Lashes. Here’s What’s A Girl To Do:

Just For Fun…

Mika – Grace Kelly