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Must-Haves for Summer – Part 2: Cute Toes

Essie Bermuda Shorts Nail Polish

Essie Bermuda Shorts – $8.00
A high-voltage violet.

Essie Mini Shorts Nail Polish

Essie Mini Shorts – $8.00
A vibrant orange pop.

Essie Short Shorts Nail Polish

Essie Short Shorts – $8.00
A shockingly flamingo pink.

All available at essieshop.com

Sephora Multi-Action Nail Polish

Sephora Multi-Action Nail Polish

Have you ever tried Sephora nail color?

Sunday night I painted my nails with Sephora Multi-Action Nail Polish and they are still going strong. After several days of wear and tear, they still look shiny, smooth and chip-free.

I’m wearing number 01 Grenat. It’s similar to Chanel’s vamp, a deep dark winey brown.

Sephora Multi-Action Nail Polish

Whether you prefer your nails light and delicate or drenched in a deep, rich, lacquered finish, Sephora’s Multi-Action Nail Polish creates the look you desire while strengthen your nails in the process. The unique fortifying formula reduces nail weakness (which also keeps color from chipping) and fills in ridges, leaving you with a smooth, strong, and even finish.

What’s your favorite nail polish?