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Olympic Theme Performed by Sarah Brightman

Video of Sarah Brightman performing Shall Be Done, the Vancouver Olympic Theme.

Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan in Beijing

Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan performing “You and Me” at the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

And the official music video:

Phew! That’s over with. Now I don’t have to tune in again.

Dammit, Now I Have To Watch

Sarah Brightman

I was going to deliciously boycott the Olympics this year and not watch a minute of them.

Why? I’m tired of the bratty American team expecting to win everything and complaining when they do not. I’m sick of the stories of doping. I don’t like that professional athletes are now allowed to participate. When I was a kid, the olympians were amateur athletes that competed in the games, then went on to other careers. Now, most of the big countries send career athletes. Not fair.

But now I found out that Sarah Brightman will be performing the official theme song at the opening ceremony. She’s my favorite singer, so now I have to watch at least some of the Olympics.