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What Is Quinoa?

QuinoaQuinoa is popping up everywhere. But what is it and how do you pronounce it?

It’s a high-protein, gluten-free ancient grain cultivated in Peru, Chile and Bolivia and it’s pronounced KEEN-Wah.

Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain and is also rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin E and has an almost perfect balance of the eight essential amino acids.

Technically, quinoa is not really a grain, but the seeds of the Goosefoot plant. But it is used as a grain to make breads and soups or can be cooked like rice and used as a side dish to a meal.

Substitute quinoa is a dish that you would normally use rice or barley. It has a pleasant light nutty taste and feels good on the tooth.

Quinoa can be found in most natural food stores in the U.S. and Canada.