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Pictures From the BAFTAs – Part 2

Here are some close-up photos of some of the more interesting details.

Sienna Miller at the BAFTAs
Detail of Sienna Miller‘s necklace.

Thandie Newton at the BAFTAs
The delicate lace and pink belt on Thandie Newton’s dress

Tilda Swinton at the BAFTAs
Feathers and intricate beading on Tilda Swinton‘s gown. And she carries the best accessory, a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in Michael Clayton.

Shiny Hair In A Spray

Sienna Miller

In an effort to have shiny hair, I think I’ve tried every product on the market from glossing shampoos to hot oil treatments.

Nicky Clarke All A-Shimmer Finishing SprayBut all I really had to do was buy shimmering hair spray.

It’s such a simple concept. Why didn’t I think of this? It’s brilliant, in more ways than one.

Girl-of-the-moment, Sienna Miller, wore Nicky Clarke All A-Shimmer Finishing Spray, to the premiere of her latest film Stardust. The effect is subtle but attention-getting.

Beauty Trend: Strong Eye Brows

Sienna MillerWondering how to translate the over-the-top brow looks from the fall runway shows into real life?

Look no further than Sienna Miller.

The Actress and fashion darling sported strong but livable arches when she turned up at the Valentino couture show in Rome.

Her perfectly shaped brown brows help bring her delicate features into focus.

Chanel brows from the fall runway:

Strong brows from the Christian Dior fall runway: