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Simon’s Cat in the Snow

For all of you who are snowed in, here is Simon’s Cat:

Winter Solstice


It’s winter solstice time. Simply put, it is the longest night and shortest day of the year. The days will gradually start to get longer now leading us to warmer weather.

Not simply put, this marks a time of year when many different cultures, modern and ancient, have celebrated at the same time. Some have called it midwinter, yule, saturnalia, and many other names.

Read about the many other traditions from around the world.

Stay Warm

To all our readers who are getting socked in with snow this weekend:
We wish you warmth and easy travels.


In NYC – Day 4


Some light snow this morning. Woke up with a sore throat, went to the pharmacy and bought some stuff for it.

Took a walk to a friend’s apartment later in the cold slush. My face was completely red by the time I got there. But it was refreshing.

We had some Chinese food, a little wine, and listened to reggae show tunes. Walked home again later, enjoying the air.

I fly back to L.A. tomorrow. Looking forward to the comforts of home and some sunshine.