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Quirky Holiday Gifts

Archie McPhee logo

Looking for that little extra something that will make your family and friends laugh?

Try buying strange and wonderful items from Archie McPhee. They have the most creative gifts imaginable.

Here is a sampling.

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball
Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball – $7.95
Save thousands of dollars on psychiatric office visits with this modern-day version of a magic 8 ball. Shake and hear twenty different responses, such as “How did that make you feel?” and “Talk about your mother.”

Shakespearean Insult Gum
Shakespearean Insult Gum – Set of 2 $4.95
For your favorite theatre lover, try this gum that provides lasting flavor and renaissance insults in iambic pentameter.

Nihilist Chewing Gum
Nihilist Chewing Gum – 48 Boxes $4.95
College students, especially philosophy majors, will enjoy the gum that doesn’t believe in flavor. It’s completely devoid.

Marie Antoinette Action Figure
Marie Antoinette Action Figure – $8.95
History buffs and French haters will enjoy this Marie Antoinette doll will ejector-head action.

Paparazzi Play Set
Paparazzi Play Set – $14.95
We all have that one friend who can’t get enough attention. Give them the gift of their very own paparazzi.

Bacon Strips Bandages
Bacon Strips Bandages – Box of 15 $4.95
For some reason this site is obsessed with bacon. These are real bandages that look like bacon. Mmm.

Did I mention the Electronic Yodelling Pickle?

Ah, good times.