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Halloween Costumes Part 3: Sexy

Esmeralda the Gypsy Fortuneteller Costume

Esmeralda the Gypsy Fortuneteller Costume – $ 119.95

The tea leaves, tarot cards and crystal ball share something in common…they lie. This Bohemian ensemble includes: coin earrings and bangle bracelets, headwrap, skirt and peasant blouse with weskit vest & belt.

Pre-Raphaelite Maiden Costume

Pre-Raphaelite Maiden Costume – $ 119.95

She longs for her knight-in-shining armour. Exquisite crushed velvet fabrications and gold lamé trims are sewn into an authentic Renaissance designs.

Jesse James Costume

Jesse James Costume – $ 119.95

Costume includes: microsuede vest with attached sleeves and collar, long coat, bandana, toy gun and holster.

Halloween Costumes Part 2: Pretty

Scarlett Costume

My Dear Scarlett Costume – $399.95

The feisty Southern Belle from Gone With the Wind stole every man’s heart but one. This is a copy of the famous organdy gown the notorious beauty wore in the opening scene. Hat comes in keepsake hatbox.

Josephine Costume

Josephine Costume – $249.95

The empress famed for the empire waist had a passion for the Frenchman with an affinity for hiding his hand in his shirt. (Headress and necklace not included with Josephine costume).

Napolean Costume

Napoleon Costume – $ 279.95

Conquer the world as the notorious Frenchman with an affinity for hiding his hand in his shirt.

Halloween Costumes Part 1: Scary

It’s never to early to plan your Halloween costume. Here are some ideas you can buy online:

Wicked Queen Costume

Wicked Queen Costume – $ 129.95

Allow your often internalized side to come forth on this one night…Includes gown, petticoat, sequined crown & jeweled lace choker.

Gothic Vampira Costume

Gothic Vampira Costume – $ 99.95

This vixen’s beauty is merely skin deep. Includes gown, tulle and lace petticoat, and jeweled choker. (Also available in plus sizes)

Eerie Eleanor the Ghostly Victorian Costume

Eerie Eleanor the Ghostly Victorian Costume – $ 129.95

Her 19th c. spirit lingers with an ashen pallor. A once lovely lace dress and bonnet appear to have accumulated a century of dust. Includes: Widebrim hat, ringlet curls and gown.

All costumes available from the Victorian Trading Company.