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Five Foods to Include in Your Diet

If you’re like me, and most other people in the U.S., you’ve resolved to eat better in 2010. Who doesn’t want to be healthier? And there is no time like the present, right? Especially after eating so many goodies over the holidays.

CNN Health suggests five foods for us to work into our diets so we can be healthier in 2010.

Whole Grains
If, like me, the thought of wheat bread makes you think of cardboard, remember that you have options. You can get whole grain goodness in rye, barley and oats. Try a snack of rye crackers with low-fat cheese. Or put some barley in your soup. Oatmeal makes a warm and comforting breakfast. You’ll reduce your risk of high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and your waist line will look slimmer.

Every vegetarian’s favorite word. But have no fear. Soy is not boring. Soy is so versatile. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and low in fat. Try soy burgers, soy cheese, or soy milk. Toss some edamame pods in some sea salt and eat the beans. Use silken tofu as a thickener in soups (instead of milk or cream). The possibilities are endless.

Salmon and Other Oily Fish
High in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and the most delicious food on this list, salmon and other oily fishes can help prevent heart disease. If salmon is not to your liking, try fresh tuna or trout, two of my favorites. Mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies also fit this category.

Red Wine
Thank the maker. Red wine is good for us. And it is 10 times better for us than white wine. Taken in moderation red wine can reduce the risk of blood clots, inflammation, and therefore, heart disease. But too much alcohol can negatively outweigh the benefits. So, drink wisely.

Green Tea
Antioxidants fight cancer, increase metabolism, and help reduce belly fat. And green tea is full of them. But it needs to be brewed, not taken in the form of iced tea. And the catch is that you have to drink a lot of it for the full effect. Whatever. It tastes delicious and is a soothing treat.

Read the full article at CNN.com

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Best Cocktails

Red Wine

With summer fast approaching, we’re all trying to keep slender figures. But once in a while, you gotta get your party on. Here are some summer drinks that, when taken in moderation, won’t pack on the pounds as quickly as others.

Full of antioxidants, it’s no surprise that red wine tops the list. Microbrews come in second because they contain protein, electrolytes, vitamins and phytonutrients. But don’t confuse them with regular mass-marketed American beers, which are as bad as eating junk food from the 7-Eleven. Guinness, my personal favorite is also good. It’s low in calories and high in iron.

Who knew all those pints I downed in my youth were actually good for me? When I lived in New York City, I once ingested nothing but Guinness for an entire week, and did just fine, thank you.

Stay away from sugary drinks like grog, Long Island Iced Tea, Red Bull and vodka and Piña coladas.

Learn more at beachbody.com.


Keep Warm With This Hot Drink

winter girl drinking

I posted this last year but I wanted to remind you. Warm up with this old French recipe for simple cooked wine:

Vin Brule recipe

It’ll cure what ails you.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers


MasiniCentellino – One-Dose Wine Blown Glass Decanter – $96.00

Drinking alone? Don’t waste the whole bottle. Pour yourself a single serving of vino with this one-dose decanter.


TorriniSterling Silver Champagne Stirrer – $129.00

Pure decadence. Those tiny bubbles making you dizzy? Relieve some of the tension in your champagne glass with this magic wand stirrer.


AlessiAnna G. Chrome Corkscrew – $87.00

Pop the cork on the festivities with this whimsical easy-to-use corkscrew in the shape of a smiling lady.

All items available at forzieri.com.

Champagne and Other Bubbly

Champagne Flutes

Get ready to toast the New Year with a nice bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.

Real champagne only comes from Champagne, France. Here are some favorites:

Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon 1999 Vintage – $149

The commitment of Dom Perignon is a commitment to creation. It’s a quest for excellence; it is about taking risk, taking a challenge from the vintage, making it to the style of Dom Perignon. Every single vintage of Dom Perignon is an exclusive wine; it is the harmonious dialogue of style and vintage. Dom Perignon Vintage 1999 goes straight to the heart of Dom Perignon. This wine is radiant, pure and vibrant. It is a story of seduction and sensuality.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame
Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 1998 Vintage – $155

La Grande Dame 1998 has a pale gold color with jade glints. The wine is crystal clear, with unbelievably fine bubbles. The aromatic, impressively complex bouquet is confirmed in the mouth. On the palate, the wine is clear-cut and pure, perfectly balanced with a delightful silky smoothness. La Grande Dame 1998, with its lace-like construction, has a long, lively, and structured finish.

But there are some other great bubbly choices from around the world. Here are a variety in a more affordable price range:

Cristalino Non-Vintage Brut Cava From Spain – $7.99

Straw color, smooth and fresh aromas; fine and fruity palate with a dry aftertaste. Clean, dry and crisp with citrus and apple flavors.

Sparkling Wine
Roederer Estate Non-Vintage Brut from North Coast, California – $19.99

Roederer Estate Brut, the first California sparkling wine produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, builds upon a 200-year tradition of fine winemaking that has made Roederer champagne among the most sought-after in the world. The Roederer Estate Brut debuted in October 1988, and has since established its reputation as one of California’s premier sparklers, remaining true to the heritage of excellence and style of its French forebears.

Canella Non-Vintage Prosecco di Conegliano from Veneto, Italy – $14.79

Brilliant straw yellow with fine, persistent perlage, fruity aromas of peach, apple, pear and citrus fruit, the palate gracefully balances zingy acidity and a subtle hint of sweetness, richness and silky-smooth texture.

All notes and prices from wine.com

A Cup of Hot Christmas Cheer: Vin Brule

Vin Brule

Old-fashioned mulled wine has always intrigued me. But the complexity of the ingredients has scared me away. And I just don’t like cloves that much.

I found this simple recipe for Vin Brule that only has 4 key ingredients:

– 1 bottle of dry red wine (burgundy is best)
– 4 cinnamon sticks
– the peel of 1 orange
– 3-4 tablespoons of sugar

Put all ingredients in a medium sauce pan. Cover and cook on high. When it starts to boil, remove lid and light with a match. Be careful: A beautiful large blue flame will burst out.

When the flames dies down, ladle into mugs. Serves 4.


Don’t forget to spill a little wine to the gods.

French Country Holiday Gifts From Pierre Deux

Looking for unique gift ideas? Here are some beautiful French country ideas from Pierre Deux.

Pierre Deux Boutis Red Stocking
Boutis Red Stocking – $39
Pierre Deux is known for their luxurious Provencal textiles. This quilted stocking will look great hanging from your mantle and is sturdy enough to hold lots of trinkets.

Pierre Deux Boutis Red Tree Skirt
Get the matching tree skirt for $189

Le Cordon Bleu Wine And Food Menu
Le Cordon Bleu Wine And Food Menu – $48
What a great gift for your favorite wine lover. Dial up what you want to eat and this handy pewter menu will suggest appropriate wines.

Pierre Deux Le Cordon Bleu Wine And Food Menu
French Country Diary 2008 – At $17.95 it’s a steal.
This is a great idea for a writer or someone who works in an office. A weekly diary for 2008 with lovely photographs of Provence.

Pierre Deux Paris Bag Yanoan Red
Paris Bag Yanoan Red – $89
Sturdy Parisian bags are great for shopping, travel, or to use as an every day purse. More patterns are available.

Pierre Deux The Anniversary Tote
The Anniversary Tote, Delices des Quatre Saisons Blue – $40
This beautiful toile tote bag celebrates the 40th Annivesary of Pierre Deux. Proceeds go to Save the Children.

Explore more gifts for her.

And more gifts for him.

Wine Find – Mas de Gourgonnier

Mas de GourgonnierMas de Gourgonnier, a red Provence wine, is good for sipping or with food. I buy several bottles at a time. Inexpensive, this delicious wine is under $20.

Tonight I paired this wine with what I like to call a frying-pan pasta. I had some leftover brown gravy and a meat cake made with ground beef. I put the leftovers into a deep frying pan, chopped the meat cake into little pieces, added some peas, about a 1/4 cup of wine, some red pepper flakes and boiled the wine away. I cooked some fresh linguine then added it to the fying pan and heated through.

Then I enjoyed this quick meal with a bottle of Mas de Gourgonnier.

From the label:

Tucked into the southern flank of the Alpilles, a short distance from the famous village of Baux de Provence, our vineyards benefit from an exceptional soil and climate. All wines produced at Mas de Gourgonnier are made without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. For generations, we have worked the land with respect for nature and tradition. Only lightly filtered, this wine may throw a light deposit, which is consistent with its naturalness.

Try some soon. You won’t be disappointed.